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Chapter 20

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by Freakzilla
Our ancestor, Assur-nasir-apli, who was known as the cruelest of the cruel,
seized the throne by slaying his own father and starting the reign of the sword.
His conquests included the Ururnia Lake region. which led him to Commagene and
Khabur. His son received tribute from the Shuites, from Tyre, Sidon, Gebel and
even from Jehu, son of Omri whose very name struck terror into thousands. The
conquests which began with Assur-nasirapli carried arms into Media and later
into Israel, Damascus, Edom. Arpad, Babylon and Umlias. Does anyone remember
these names and places now? I have given you enough clues: Try to name the

-The Stolen Journals

The Museum Fremen attempt to present their petition to Leto on the road to Onn. Leto tells Duncan and the Fish Speakers to clear the road. As they close in on them they take of their Fremen robes to reveal pilgram's robes beneath. As they meet the Fish Speakers they take of the pilgram robes and all have on uniforms Identical to that of Duncan. They then reveal themselves to be face dancers and mimic Duncan's appearance, battle ensues. Leto switches his cart to suspenssors and runs a lot of them down, the Fish Speakers kill the rest. Duncan has stripped of his uniform so he could be distinguished from the face dancers. Leto orders that the dead in his entourage be replaced and all signs of the attack cleaned up. A lasgun has hit his cart's canopy and must be replaced. Moneo relays a message from the Bene Gesserit that they will be attacked and it's not their fault the message was late, the Fish Speaker captain didn't believe them. Leto orders the guard on their embassy be removed and sends them a message that their audience will still be last but the last shall be first. He wants the Tleilaxu ambassador publicly flooged and expelled at his command durring his audience. Leto takes this as a signal of an escalation in his subject's desperation. He asks Moneo to give Siona a message, she is like the force within him that acts without knowing. She reminds him what it is to be human and to love. Moneo doesn't understand and Leto says he doesn't need to, just give her the message. Moneo notices that the courtiers are using Ixian devices to eavesdrop and wonders, how can they forbid such things when Leto himself uses them?

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