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Chapter 18

Posted: 01 Mar 2008 19:09
by Freakzilla
Nothing surpasses the complexity of the human mind.
-Leto II: Dar-es-Balat Records

Reverend Mother Lucilla is watching from the parapet as Duncan practices self-directed Bene Gesserit eight-fold combat techniques in the courtyard below. She is amazed at his Prana-Bindu developement. She contemplates her next order, seducing Duncan to sexually imprint him, thus bonding him to her and the Sisterhood. Teg emerges into the courtyard carrying a lasgun and she quickly realizes it is not Teg but a face dancer. As she leaps to the courtyard below she warns Duncan, who continues to amaze her by dodging lasgun bursts. The real Teg appears with a lasgun and makes loose meat bar-b-que of the face dancer. They retreat inside to Teg's quarters, Patrin arrives with Schwanyu at the point of his Lasgun. Lucilla takes Duncan into Teg's quarters and they listen to Schwangyu and Teg argue. She demands to be let outside to examine the carnage going on. Her quarters are destroyed in an explosion and the Tleilaxu attackers are destroyed quickly afterwards in an explosion by Teg's men. They release Schwangyu, obviously implicated by the attack, who goes to confirm the the destruction of her rooms. They flee the keep on a path Patrin has prepared for them.

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