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Postby Tleszer » 09 Nov 2008 14:03

SandChigger wrote:Well...if there are such places in the book, they must be accidental.

Think of all those monkeys typing Shakespeare.

Think of the origin of life on Earth (molecules colliding randomly).

That kinda thing. ;)

A few years ago I heard that "s" is the letter most typed by monkeys. If you trust Wikipedia you'd find that defecation was also involved, and you'd find the source document (pdf) that contains this great Monkey Opus.

In conclusion, KJA is a monkey*, since his work is (s)hit and there was much defecation involved (though it seems that it is merely diarrhea of the mouth).

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Postby SandRider » 09 Nov 2008 14:44

That's interesting, but you really should've pointed that link to Kevin's Blog. (we'll use that in the future, the next time Monkeys & Shakespeare come up)

oh, dang. that is Kevin's Blog.... good job, T !
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