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Postby Ziggy » 08 Nov 2019 18:58

Hello All,

I've been away from the boards for some time, in part due to time constraints and a house move with change of email and provider but hoping to get involved in some Dune discussion once more. For those who don't know me, I'm an avid Dune fan from the UK.

Have just re-read the entire series (again for the nth time!). Marvellous how each re-reading reveals new layers and snippets that I'd missed previously. Have been following news about the new Dune movie and was initially very excited, given Villeneuve is a very good director but feelings quickly turned to trepidation with the casting of Drogo as Duncan Idaho (seriously?!) and HLP members as producers. Hopefully they won't butcher the story and diverge from the original too much.

Keen to dive into chatting on the forums with you all. Hope it is OK to post in older threads to continue discussion?

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Re: Re-introduction

Postby Serkanner » 09 Nov 2019 04:43

Welcome back Ziggy
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Re: Re-introduction

Postby georgiedenbro » 11 Nov 2019 11:24

Welcome back!

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Re: Re-introduction

Postby lotek » 13 Nov 2019 16:37

Achlan, Wasachlan! (back)

Re-reads are the best, Dune is the kind of story that grows with you and that always provide new experiences.

About the movie, I want to be hopeful but as you said, having bobo and the hack involved (also through the TV series) is a bit scary.
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