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Re: Noble Purpose

Postby Jodorowsky's Acolyte » 13 Aug 2012 18:21

Welcome to our sietch, The Ixian Ambassador. I am the Acolyte of Alejandro Jodorowsky, or JodorAcy for short, and I greet you to our super tough sietch of water stealers and Frank Herbert afficianados. I find you discussion on HERETICS OF DUNE and CHAPTERHOUSE: DUNE very intellectually stimulating. Admit it. You had a thinking machine's brain installed on Ix, did you, my good ambassador? Well, we could use some good old fashion Ixian technology here! At least it is better than the ones on Richese!

By the way, since you mentioned Murbella, I have only this to contribute to the discussion. Murbella is an absolute babe. In Fremen tongue, she would be known as the Lisan al Baibe.
'...all those who took part in the rise and fall of the Dune project learned how to fall one and one thousand times with savage obstinacy until learning how to stand. I remember my old father who, while dying happy, said to me: "My son, in my life, I triumphed because I learned how to fail."' -Alejandro Jodorowsky

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Re: Noble Purpose

Postby SadisticCynic » 13 Aug 2012 19:20

The Ixian Ambassador wrote:Oh OK. I think it says something about the HM wanting something from the BG. Their secrets. To help them fight the face dancers. I guess if they did the same technique of adrenaline drug and sexual imprinting they wouldn't get that. Belonda said it would make them deny their past. I think it also says only the top level HM would know this. That's why Murbella doesn't know anything about the HM absorbing BG.

If I remember correctly, the BG where able to commit suicide if threatened with things like spice withdrawal. Could be that the Old Empire BG where willing to do this to avoid such things as sexual imprinting as well.
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Re: Noble Purpose

Postby Naïve mind » 26 Aug 2012 08:51

Jodorowsky's Acolyte wrote:By the way, since you mentioned Murbella, I have only this to contribute to the discussion. Murbella is an absolute babe. In Fremen tongue, she would be known as the Lisan al Baibe.

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Re: Noble Purpose

Postby Apjak » 27 Aug 2012 08:52

A big part of the reason the HM did not immediately move to destroy the old empire BG is that they wanted the BG immunity from disease.
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Re: Noble Purpose

Postby hannabaal » 07 Sep 2012 15:10

The Ixian Ambassador wrote:The one allusion I see most in the books is of family. It's basically about a big old-world jewish family. The bene gesserit are the women in the family. They really run things while the men fight over who is the head of the household and the family business. The other memory is the same as you knowing exactly what a family member would say about something without even asking them. Hell, GEoD is practically a manual on how to raise your children.

The BG call themselves teachers, farmers, and mothers. sounds like it's about family to me too.
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