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I am super into the Dune thing. I'm reading no.1 for the third time right now. After trolling around on the site, I've come to notice some things about the themes that are really explored in books 2-6 are really introduced in book 1, such as the whole bottle necking/stagnation that happens in the Imperium right before the events of Dune. I am a drummer for a few bands here and there, and would like to make some music inspired by the series. Some things I've found inspired by it are the band, Shai Hulud, and the song "Litany Against Fear" by jazz trumpeter Christian Scott. OK THATS ITTTTTTTT. Also, I really like the Brian Eno theme from the movie. That, and my ex-girlfriend got me a T-shirt from the movie, and I think I liked that better than the movie itself. And Kyle McGlaughlin's hair. WOWIE, it is nice. And the part where he says, "THE SLEEPER HAS AWAKENED!" That just gives me chills. The movie has good, if uneven, acting, and an ok script, but there's a place on this site for that discussion.

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You sound weird and kinda crazy....

You're gonna fit right in!

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