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Posted: 25 May 2008 18:24
by orald
Brain is much tastier, and the texture much finer.

Posted: 25 May 2008 18:26
by Mandy
It just looks icky.

Posted: 25 May 2008 18:30
by orald
No shit? Tell me, how does the smooth, bloody liver dripping blood all over the place look any better? :?

Yea yea, I know, it's the wrinkles, eh? You should still try it, the texture is very smooth and soft.

Which reminds me, anyone ever eaten a liver which is still a bit "runny"? I.e, soft and half-raw on the inside? Mmmm. :)
But if it's too runny it's a bit disgusting.

Posted: 25 May 2008 18:36
by Mandy
haha.. the calf liver doesn't look disgusting because it's been de-veined and sliced. Chicken liver just looks like blobs, plus if it's breaded and fried it looks completely normal. Brains.. don't even look like meat.

Posted: 25 May 2008 19:06
by orald
Pffft, Americans and their commercialized foods.

Haven't you ever eaten something that isn't pre-sliced/processed?

Shouldn't we open a food thread already? We've been hijacking this one to the moon already.

And if already off topic, man, does Westros have some funny threads. :lol:

Posted: 25 May 2008 19:25
by Mandy
I think this one went off topic from the start, plus there's another thread for smilies.

You know I eat meat that hasn't been preprocessed, just not liver! Actually have the liver from the last cow we butchered in the freezer.. probably end up throwing it out eventually.

Posted: 25 May 2008 19:32
by orald
The waste... :( Give it to your dogs.

Or how hard can it be to just roast it a bit?

Posted: 25 May 2008 19:48
by Mandy
Well.. I actually don't have any idea what to do with an entire liver. I may try to cook it, but I"m not making any promises. :P

Posted: 25 May 2008 20:48
by Omphalos
Calf's liver is about it for liver, for me, but it has to be done right. And I have not even touched a brain since leaving the South, except for one pig brain sandwich I had somewhere in the midwest on one of my trips through. Kansas or Missouri or someplace. It sucked.

Posted: 25 May 2008 22:09
by Robspierre
Mandy wrote::D

Nah.. I'll eat calf and chicken liver, it's the brains I won't touch.

Brains and scrambled eggs yum!!!!!!


Posted: 26 May 2008 00:26
by Mr. Teg
This thread is starting to sound like that one South Park episode when everyone turns in to zombies.




Posted: 26 May 2008 04:30
by inhuien
I was thinking that myself Mr. Teg


So anyone ever had potted head, or heed as we'd say. Take your heed boil it off for a good time, skim of all of the scummy fleshy goodness that rises to the top. Then pot it and allow to set. YUUUMMMY but I've not seen it in the shops for years, no doubt those E.U. bastards in Brussels band its ass.

Posted: 26 May 2008 07:01
by chanilover
Hyppo wrote:The only internal organs I've eaten and enjoyed have been liver (cow and moose). It smells horrible during the preparation stage, but the taste is wonderful.

Thank God she's suspended, that's enough of her sex life, thanks.

I know prejudice is a terrible thing and I try to be open-minded, but the thought of fat ugly people having sex just makes me feel ill.

Posted: 26 May 2008 07:02
by chanilover
Chopped calf's liver in onion gravy is gorgeous. I haven't tried brains, though.

Posted: 26 May 2008 11:47
by Mandy
I wonder if potted head is the same as head cheese. Don't think I've had either..

Any scrapple eaters here?

Posted: 26 May 2008 11:50
by inhuien
They can go by the same name but they’re not the same thing.

Posted: 26 May 2008 12:30
by Omphalos
Mandy wrote:Any scrapple eaters here?

Not since I was a kid. You cant get it out here.

Posted: 28 May 2008 14:21
by Tleilax Master B
I'll eat just about anything (allow me to add the " :shock: " before one of you chuckle heads do :roll: ). Of course, 'round these parts Menudo is the big thing. Definately an acquired taste, but I love it.

Posted: 28 May 2008 18:47
by SandChigger
I thought that was a Latino boy band or something. :shock:

Posted: 28 May 2008 19:14
by Omphalos
SandChigger wrote:I thought that was a Latino boy band or something. :shock:

Tripe soup. The second best thing in the world for a hangover! That is why they only sell it on Sunday mornings here in CA. Because its a complete bitch to make, but vitally necessary. Personally I love the stuff, but I much prefer pho with tripe in it. Yummy!

And the boy band took the name.

Posted: 28 May 2008 19:20
by Omphalos
chanilover wrote:Chopped calf's liver in onion gravy is gorgeous. I haven't tried brains, though.

Did you have any durian fruit when you were in the Philippines, CL?

Posted: 28 May 2008 21:59
by Pardot Kynes
I like my menudo with hominy. Lots of hominy.

Posted: 28 May 2008 22:15
by SandChigger
I just had a really wicked idea for an image.... :twisted:

Posted: 28 May 2008 22:26
by Tleilax Master B
^^hehe, do tell....

Yup, I like lots of hominey in my menudo tambien. And it is a damn good hang over cure!

Posted: 28 May 2008 22:31
by Pardot Kynes
Pfft. Mole with a jalepeno and chipotle combo mixed in is the best hangover cure there is.