Dune feature in Empire magazine

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Re: Dune feature in Empire magazine

Postby Freakzilla » 08 Oct 2009 17:42

He read it in a day, too. :roll:
Paul of Dune was so bad it gave me a seizure that dislocated both of my shoulders and prolapsed my anus.
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Re: Dune feature in Empire magazine

Postby Redstar » 08 Oct 2009 19:57

DuneFishUK wrote:There's a Jodorowsky quote somewhere - he had a dream where he was told "Your next film will be Dune!" but he hadn't read it, so he runs down and waits outside the bookshop until it opens. :P

EDIT: slightly mis-remembered - http://www.duneinfo.com/unseen/jodorowsky.asp

"Once, the Divinity agreed to say to me in a lucid dream: "Your next film must be Dune." I had not read the novel. I lifted myself to a height of six o'clock in the morning and as an alcoholic who awaits the opening of the bar, I waited until someone opens the bookshop to buy the book. I read it of a feature without me stopping for drinking or eating."

Yeah. In a day. Anyone that does it in a day is only doing it for the pretense.

What I think happened was he had a dream or such that he felt was remarkably original and creative, but someone told him it was "like Dune". So he went out of his way to get the rights to film Dune and kept Frank off his back all so he could film his version under the Dune-label and avoid being sued.