Dune References in (Un)Popular Media

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Re: Dune References in (Un)Popular Media

Postby Freakzilla » 14 Jul 2018 09:15

Scarlett Johansson Under Fire For Agreeing To Play Giant Sandworm In Upcoming ‘Dune’ Adaptation

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Re: Dune References in (Un)Popular Media

Postby distrans » 17 Jul 2018 13:00

'the roles must flow!"

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Re: Dune References in (Un)Popular Media

Postby SadisticCynic » 18 Aug 2018 13:03


The SF Masterworks artwork for Le Guin's The Dispossessed has what seems to me to be a pretty clear reference to a stillsuit on it. Half of the story takes place on an arid planet. I wonder if you agree.
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Re: Dune References in (Un)Popular Media

Postby Naib » 22 Aug 2019 14:54


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Re: Dune References in (Un)Popular Media

Postby lotek » 23 Aug 2019 14:46

Naib wrote:Image

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