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Re: DUNE as a DEUS EX Mod

Postby Jodorowsky's Acolyte » 01 Feb 2012 00:20

Alright, alright. I'll never compliment another JACURUTU user again in a way that makes it tempting to make fun of me. I admit, I'm pretty easy to make fun of. It's the Austistic nature in me to think of bizarre topics and responses which are peculiar to my peers. It's all in good fun.
'...all those who took part in the rise and fall of the Dune project learned how to fall one and one thousand times with savage obstinacy until learning how to stand. I remember my old father who, while dying happy, said to me: "My son, in my life, I triumphed because I learned how to fail."' -Alejandro Jodorowsky