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Frank Herbert-Schlonz

Posted: 13 Dec 2015 17:49
by Captain_Cackwurst
So this student-bar at my university actually hosts a so called Schlonz (which roughly translates to shitty organized nightly meeting) about dune, and in the added description, which usually includes what that particular schlonz is about, there is just some stuff written in latin.

Since i got no clue about this dead language, yet am really wondering what this means i'll post the text here and hope someone of you guys and ladys can translate :)

here you go:

Obis sequi ut eum ex endis int, cullam faccuptat que num, ut ut liquis modio ius as ne volupta eprovidis mod est, esequi di sed magnamus dit facites tiation consequatem vere volorem que dolo et lam rest, occabo. Porrore, similit ex eumet auta pario et latquas doluptisim que ipsanto volo voluptatet es debis quis aut faccus non erio maximus dolorep udicienimet.

Re: Frank Herbert-Schlonz

Posted: 13 Dec 2015 21:57
by georgiedenbro
I put the Latin into Google translate. Read 'em and weep:

The great wizard Google Translate wrote:Lso to follow him from consulting int , Cullum faccuptat and whether that right as a measure to prevent Liquor eprovidis mod is a pleasure , but Magnar esequi di dit really do tiation consequatnt volorem and deceit and now rest harrow . Porront is like a mosaic of eumet items and latque doluptisim which ipsanto or any place where you want voluptatet faccus not erio important dolorep udicienimet

Re: Frank Herbert-Schlonz

Posted: 14 Dec 2015 08:24
by Cpt. Aramsham
Probably a variation on the old lorem ipsum.

Re: Frank Herbert-Schlonz

Posted: 14 Dec 2015 11:32
by lotek
sounds like a placeholder yes

Re: Frank Herbert-Schlonz

Posted: 15 Dec 2015 19:08
by Omphalos
I studied Latin in HS and college. I can't make heads nor tails of it.

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