Has anyone read Mein Kampf ?

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Re: Has anyone read Mein Kampf ?

Postby Eyes High » 13 May 2009 13:59

really? Yeah, I guess I could see where they would do that. Don't know why it surprised me to hear it.

I've never cared for censorship of anybook. Even if the book is... Well even if the book is distasteful in my opinion. I've never read this one,have never had the desire to read it, but censorship is such a slippery slope that I'm leary of it.
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Re: Has anyone read Mein Kampf ?

Postby Drunken Idaho » 22 Sep 2009 03:29

Rakis wrote:
Eyes High wrote:
chanilover wrote:
SwordMaster wrote:`

What did this orginally say? Was it something really juicy?

It was something that in my opinion was a little childish and I would have expected more of SwordMaster than that. I'm hoping he will be back to normal soon.

Yeah, he's a good contributor to this board... :handgestures-thumbupleft:

That's always been my opinion of the guy. I'm just cluing in now as to what transpired here today... First I found SM's scattered easter eggs of insults here and there, and wondered what the heck was up, and now it all seems pretty clear.

Geeze, the one day I decide to pull up my socks and get some work done at my job, instead of spending much of my shift on here, is the same day that SM goes crazy and gets banned? :( But you guys probably probably made the best choice in banning him. We have to have *some* rules around here, right? Something tells me repeated anti-Semitic comments just shouldn't go unpunished (even if they are meant to be ironic, or directed at one person). Besides, judging from his posts here today (although I wish I was here to talk him out of it) he had a pretty apathetic attitude toward his future status on this board.

I was a friend of SwordMaster. His father was born in my hometown.
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Re: Has anyone read Mein Kampf ?

Postby Redstar » 22 Sep 2009 06:40

I skimmed the thing, but never took much interest in it. Funny story, though.

One time my family and I were at the mall, and considering my dad and I are the only real readers, we ended up at Barnes and Noble. We immediately went to the political science/philosophy section and I picked up the Communist Manifesto and he Mein Kampf. We were both reading pretty intensely when a women started into the aisle, but upon seeing both of us and what we were reading got this big look of fear on her face and turned around. It was hilarious moment.

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E. LeGuille
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Re: Has anyone read Mein Kampf ?

Postby E. LeGuille » 24 Sep 2009 22:24

I used to have a copy of the Anarchist's Cookbook, and The Book of Satan. Not really ever entertaining, but eh -- whatever. It got me in trouble several times, and my school (dorm school)'s fanatic teacher had my room ransacked for the books. Said I was worshipping Satan or planning to blow something up.

Needless to say, I went to public after that.
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