Upcoming movies you aren't looking forward to

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Re: Upcoming movies you aren't looking forward to

Postby Eyes High » 29 Jul 2016 21:07

Hunchback Jack wrote:Eyes, me too, although I hear the movie is not as bad as the previews.

If it were a continuation of the previous two - even with different characters - I might be on board, but apparently it's a hard reboot. With dumb jokes. No thanks.


Agreed. They could have done a late sequel with the new characters being the children of the first but no need to reboot the whole mess. Some movies are better left as nostalgia.

Omphalos wrote:
Eyes High wrote:The new Ghostbusters movie. I think I shall pass on that one or at least wait until it comes to TV
Even the commercials are getting annoying. :doh:

Looked like crap to me from early on. Retread, rehash crap with a gimmick-y twist, designed to do nothing more than sell you the same shit you bought when you were a kid.

Don't really care at all for the BS that went on on Twitter over this flick, but I never would have shelled out a dime to see it even if that had not happened.

Haven't been on Tweeter in a while so I'm not sure what you are referring to, I'll look that up tomorrow. I know Spiff said he would not pay to see it.
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