the road - by Cormac McCarthy -may contain spoilers!

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Re: the road - by Cormac McCarthy -may contain spoilers!

Postby Ziggy » 24 Feb 2010 16:57

I'll take your advice and wait until after the movie before reading the book. Shame that the movie was a lost opportunity but so many films-of-the-book are. I still plan on watching it all the same. Any major changes in the movie?

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Re: the road - by Cormac McCarthy -may contain spoilers!

Postby nampigai » 25 Feb 2010 02:21

I don't think there's any major changes, and if I hadn't read the booked I'm sure I'd liked the movie better. And you really should see it - I will buy the DVD for sure, and it's money well spend especially if you like the genre. Only part that makes me feel dissapointed is the pictures I have inside my head of how it "should" have been.

Also - even though I like Nick Cave, I think his soundtrack was a bit dull, and not eerie enough.
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