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    "Solaris" 1972

      Non-dune discussion

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    "Solaris" 1972

    Postby cmsahe » 27 May 2010 00:40

    I recommend you to watch Solaris, the soviet film, of Andre Tarkovsky based on the novel by Stanislaw Lem.

    Part 1/17:



    I consider this movie is on the pair of 2001: A Space Odyssey.
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    Re: "Solaris" 1972

    Postby SandRider » 27 May 2010 03:16

    one of the few "SciFi" films to make it into my personal top favorite films ..

    the remake was a travesty ....
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    Re: "Solaris" 1972

    Postby DuneFishUK » 27 May 2010 13:06

    Tarkovsky is a phenomenal director - Solaris is easily one of my favourite films.

    Stalker is brilliant as well.
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    Re: "Solaris" 1972

    Postby Freakzilla » 04 Aug 2011 13:09

    I watched the remake yesterday, very wierd. Looked like it could have been good, though. I'll have to check out the original.
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    Re: "Solaris" 1972

    Postby Spicelon » 04 Aug 2011 15:24

    Linky link no good anymore. :(
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