Warning About The BlackBerry PlayBook

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Warning About The BlackBerry PlayBook

Postby E. LeGuille » 21 Apr 2011 18:28

I work in technology sales, and to be blunt about the new BlackBerry PlayBook, it has its nice features: a front 3.0MP camera, Rear 5MP camera, WiFi, built-in MIC, full web browser... FLASH compatibility.

But the feature, the BRIDGE that allows you to tether your Blackberry with your new Tablet, has been disabled by AT&T. This key feature, which allows full use of your Blackberry, including the call making, syncing, etc... has been disabled by AT&T because they are still "testing it". In my experience, the reason is due more to the fact that the tethering feature bypasses their $60/mo. surcharge for the tethering of a phone to another device.

So to sum it up, if you have AT&T and a BlackBerry, don't buy the new tablet yet. You'll be majorly disappointed. This is not the fault RIM, but AT&T... again.
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