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Postby trang » 26 Jun 2011 14:10

:::I searched and only found one reference to this, but it was under pre/seq... I hate keith topic, didnt seem to fit::::::

I was checking out DN, and the newsletter from couple months back had link to an interview with BH and Bruce Taylor (no idea who he is) about an upcoming collaboration for a book called Stormworld.

Heres the link if you are really bored: ... taylor.htm

Couple things from interview, they never talk about the book Stormworld, and they both go on about their fathers, how they weren't successful or didn't seek fame.

The part Brian talks about his dad, is the part I found interesting, whiny actually. " I never got along with my father when I was young because he was a disciplinarian". He goes on about how his father was never successful while he was young, but when Brian decided to get into writing, he found his father helpful and loving.

Brian also mentions an unpublished collaboration, where the other author and he wrote and outline, but the other guy took off and wrote pretty much what he wanted, and that drove him crazy?? sounds like him and KJA.

Does this mean there is a rift between Brian and KJA? Does it mean the end is near for those two? Or is this just another venture for Brian?

Im guessing the Smellhole series didnt make much of an impact, and sisterhood will be a huge bore. Maybe its possible, they Heberts will push KJA to the wayside, and move on?

One can only hope.
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Re: Stormworld

Postby A Thing of Eternity » 27 Jun 2011 19:14

Is BH capable at ALL of writing a book that doesn't center on a shitty-to-live-on world? I have seen so many from him that are on that topic that it just drives me nuts. Sure, FH used that setting a LOT as well, but he didn't get the idea from his dad. :puke: