Priest - The movie

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Priest - The movie

Postby trang » 02 Sep 2011 07:49

I am not a graphic novel person, and was a very light comic book reader as a kid (spiderman, thor, hulk, batman etc) so I dont have little to no knowledge on all those that might be classsic, cool, popular or whatever. Anyway...

I became aware of the watchmen, read it, and loved it. (movie wasnt bad either)

I saw the movie Priest advertised for theaters and never gave it a second thought, just look like another horror movie of some kind, which i don't watch as a rule (occasional thriller, Apollo 18 for example looks interesting)

I decided to take a look when went to Blockbuster the other day.... to say the least I enjoyed it. The story was pretty cool, the characters were good, and the look and feel overall I really liked. It gave me the similar feeling when I was surprised with Underworld, which I really liked also.

just wanted ask if anyone else liked it. It left with a definite sequel option, hope they make another.
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Re: Priest - The movie

Postby SandChigger » 04 Sep 2011 20:17

I watched it one night last week and liked it well enough. I'm not familiar with the Korean manga that it's based on, though.

I'm thinking I want to watch it again, so I've put it into my Netflix queue. (Rented it from Blockbuster the first time.)