The Top 25 Gaming Consoles

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The Top 25 Gaming Consoles

Postby Sandwurm88 » 16 Oct 2011 19:52

This is a really interesting list on the top 25 gaming consoles of all time by IGN. I've played maybe six of these, and some of them I've never heard of, what your opinion on this list? I don't think I've ever played number one before, and Game Cube seems too low IMO.

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Re: The Top 25 Gaming Consoles

Postby trang » 16 Oct 2011 23:10

I have owned or played on at length on 20 of those. I still own and are functional with games the NES or Nintendo 16 and the atari 2600 and playstation one. I have a playstation 2 also but my daughter uses it until I get her PS3, just havent got around to it. I almost bought a atari 7800 this weekend at a garage sale.

The ones I haven't been on are the new ones mostly. I thought there should be an Amiga system of some type on this list, May have been to much of a computer and console system to qualify.
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Re: The Top 25 Gaming Consoles

Postby D Pope » 17 Oct 2011 00:31

You're probably right about the Amiga, I was looking for W-Indutries Virtuality systems and completely abashed to find NeoGeo had made the cut.
(Amiga ran the amazing stuff for them.)
What memories. It was good working on that stuff, pity it never paid well.
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