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    Neil Armstrong

      Non-dune discussion

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    Neil Armstrong

    Postby ULFsurfer » 25 Aug 2012 14:57

    News are that he passed away today.. :(

    I was a friend of Neil.
    He has given so many people like me the inspiration to pursue a degree and career in science and technology.
    In my humble opinion, the Moon landings have been the most spectacular thing we humans have ever done.
    It was a magic experience watching him in person at House of Representatives about 9 months ago where he gave a first hand tale of the landing in 1969.

    Rest in Peace
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    Re: Neil Armstrong

    Postby Serkanner » 25 Aug 2012 15:36

    I have just read it. One of my childhood heroes has passed away. I will remember him every time I look at the moon.
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    “There is no escape—we pay for the violence of our ancestors.”

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    Re: Neil Armstrong

    Postby Sandwurm88 » 25 Aug 2012 23:02

    RIP Neil. This was a real shame to hear. Hopefully we can get someone back soon, and maybe in the next few decades, to Mars.
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    Re: Neil Armstrong

    Postby lotek » 26 Aug 2012 04:39

    Neil Amstrong dies.
    Buzz Aldrin second place in heaven.
    Spice is the worm's gonads.
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    Re: Neil Armstrong

    Postby Hunchback Jack » 27 Aug 2012 21:56

    I just read this here today. Such a brave but humble man. An inspiration. The passing of a true legend.

    "The sky calls to us. If we do not destroy ourselves, we will one day venture to the stars."
    - Carl Sagan

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