Most Enjoyable Albums

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Re: Most Enjoyable Albums

Postby SandRider » 19 Nov 2012 06:43

Red Headed Stranger, Willie Nelson ...
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Re: Most Enjoyable Albums

Postby Omphalos » 19 Nov 2012 13:16

Sandwurm88 wrote:Omphalos, I'd agree that AI has a lot to offer, with, IMO, maybe one sub-par song on it. But I'd take Dookie over it by a fraction. Probably just sentimental value, because that album got me into them, but its still really good. AI is probably more slick in the writing and recording, but Dookie is just raw and awesome. Also, Warning is really underrated IMO. Have you listened to the new "trilogy" albums? Uno! is decent, but Dos! kind of disappointed me, besides the song Stray Heart...

American Idiot has an internal cohesiveness that really amazes me. That's why I like it more. I get into it and listen to the lyrics for little bits that link the songs together. Ive probably heard them all already though, which is why I don't listen as much as I used to.

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Re: Most Enjoyable Albums

Postby Visigoth » 20 Nov 2012 02:47

Led Zeppelin III

I liked the album cover. It spins. And of course, that english country music is just, Heavy!

To really rip it a la Morrison, I listen to my favorite Doors album, Absolutly Live. I think it has the only recording of, The Celebration of the Lizard, and a kick ass Break On the Other Side, #2. :happy-smileyflower: :happy-smileyflower:
The Doors album is a concert from start to finish; not live versions of the songs.
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Re: Most Enjoyable Albums

Postby Eyes High » 21 Nov 2012 19:08

STYX -- Paradise Theater. Just the whole story line from beginning to end. Could visualize a whole play based upon it when I first heard it years ago. Just some strong emotional pull for me, especially "Snow Blind"

Def Leppard -- Pyromania: What's not to love. Good range of music and lyrics. Plus the reference to fire. :mrgreen:
My two favorite songs from that album are: "Rock-of-Ages" and "Foolin"

Another one would be Michael Feinstein -- Pure Gershwin. This was my first exposure to a wider range of Gershwin. Up until then I think all I had heard was "Rhapsody In Blue:" This album introduced me to such wonders as " 'S Wonderful" , "They All Laugh" , "They Can't Take That Away From Me." and "Let's Call the Whole Thing Off"
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Re: Most Enjoyable Albums

Postby Sev » 22 Nov 2012 04:58

Hula - Murmur
Chakk - 10 Days in an Elevator
Fields of the Nephilim - Elyzium
Joy Division - Closer
Dead Can Dance - Into the Labyrinth
Cocteau Twins - Sunburst and Snowblind
Curve - Doppelganger
Xmal Deutschland - Fetisch
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Re: Most Enjoyable Albums

Postby inhuien » 22 Nov 2012 07:45

More good choices I'd have went with Treasure by the Cocteau Twins though. I'm gonna make a leap here that you also like This Mortal Coil.


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Re: Most Enjoyable Albums

Postby Visigoth » 23 Nov 2012 01:28

Dr. Buzzard's Savannah Band

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