fascism as moral high ground

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fascism as moral high ground

Postby distrans » 22 Feb 2018 12:50

of interest to me personally is that fact that frank writing has held my interest over the course of my choice to leave the cult I was brough up in toward of reasonings which make better empirical sense

id real heinleins standouts years before I found dune but at that age id no comprehension of group controls other than being subject to them

somehow at the time I was able to dismiss the several of frank heritical statements and enjoy the story

years latter a number of personal tragedities led to my applying myself to analyzing the assumptions that id mistaken for facts rather than the assumptions they were

I find most of the things I enjoyed as a youth unpalatable now given how much they reek of indoctrination

franks writing however does not fall into this category

i cant put a finger on any line of it precisely but id like to think that his work played some part in my eventual comming to my senses and leaving the group that had their nails in me