Have a laugh! (about a youtuber who has never read Dune)

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Postby Redstar » 27 Mar 2009 14:08

Baraka Bryan wrote:
Redstar wrote:
Baraka Bryan wrote:
GamePlayer wrote:Oh, you'd be amazed at all the people that despise "open endings" and can't distinguish it from a "cliffhanger". I must have had more arguments defending great films with open endings than any other topic about film in my life as a connoisseur of film. That's why I could finish watching this video; the guy is indicative of so many people I've argued with about the virtue of a solid open ending. When I meet those people, they make me tired all over.

i know! back in mid-elementary school we read Lowry's The Giver which has a very famous open ending, and all kinds of classmates are complaining about it being a cliffhanger and we don't know what happened to jonas and blah blah blah... i wanted to smack them upside the head

edit to add: just wikid and saw that she wrote two other books forming a 'loose trilogy' a decade later... that sucks and I think it detracts from the original's impact.

I was going to bring that up as an example! The Giver is probably one of the first books you read in school that takes that approach to story-telling.

I don't think they're so much as a trilogy rather that just a series of books set in the same universe. None of the characters are explored further in any continuation; the other books just give you a look at how some of the other Communities do things.

actually jonas comes back in the 3rd book as the leader of the village that he enters at the end of the giver :shock: :roll:
so that completely kills the open ending of the first book.

Seriously? I haven't kept up on the series, so I only recall from a few years back that Jonas was mentioned at the end of Gathering Blue as a background character. This was before Messenger, apparently... I think I'll just follow Lowry's earliest statement on the subject, about the open ending.

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Postby orald » 27 Mar 2009 16:35

God Emperor of Dune has neither sequels nor prequels.

The God Emperor rules alone.

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Postby moreh_yeladim » 05 Apr 2009 12:35

I second the bit about YouTubers generally being retarded.

God Emperor of Dune has neither sequels nor prequels.

So that bit in the Dune Encylopedia about how Paul-Muad'dib never really existed as such was right?
Brian Herbert is a perfect example of why you shouldn't leave a universe-spanning empire to your next of kin.