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Posted: 01 Jun 2008 01:02
by Mr. Teg
SandChigger wrote:Nah.

I'm not sure what Byron is complaining about since it would have been Mike doing all the "work", no? :roll:

Byron just laid back while Mike was doing all the work, huh! :wink:

(Hmm, time to update Hoary Tales :D )

Posted: 01 Jun 2008 18:29
by SandChigger
Here's what YodaKitty is saying about it:

We went round-and-round with the phpBB help threads and finally spoke with someone there. Then they told us to contact our ISP so we did, time and again, and finally they were able to fix it. I'm asking that they send us the fix so that I have it on file and can give out the information to other users that might encounter it.

On another thread:
We hadn't done anything. Apparently it's some latent bug that pops up from time to time. If you have problems, you'll need to contact your ISP that runs the phpBB board. The problem seems to reside there. Some people never encounter this problem. We were just ...lucky.

A latent bug sounds possible, but I don't get the part about the ISP running the board...I thought they ran the board themselves.

I still suspect a reinstallation of the software would have done it (and much more quickly), but maybe the database was screwed up in some way that required intervention by the ISP staff. (But that doesn't seem likely, given the error behavior...and that some functions of the board were completely unimpaired. ;) )

So, in short, THEY didn't fix it and have NO IDEA how it was fixed.

What was it Duke Leto used to say about operations? :roll:


Posted: 02 Jun 2008 02:25
by SandChigger
Here's what Byron has posted now (emphasis added).

Here's the solution, for other phpBB users.

Your database quota has been increased to 300MB. Your software should now be able to write to the database without error. As we discussed on the phone, it appears that your MySQL database is approximately 69MB at this time.

Also, as discussed, in order to increase the database quota, I had to increase the complexity of the database user password. In conjunction with this change, I also updated the connection strings I found for the database in the following files:


The original files were renamed to config.orig.php with the edited files being uploaded as config.php. Per our security policy, we are unable to provide passwords via email, but I have provided you with the new database password by phone. Additionally, your web administrator can get the password from the files mentioned above, or through your Account Manager at <http> .

Please let us know if you have any further questions.

Thank you for your patience.

We hope this update has been helpful. However, if you have any additional questions, or feel that the issue has not been completely addressed, please do not hesitate to email our Technical Support Department at <mailto> or call us at 1-866-391-HELP (1-866-391-4357). If calling from outside the U.S. or Canada, please call 570.708.8788

Network Solutions Technical Support Analyst

Translation: the database size was set too small. Meaning, maybe, that Mike wasn't watching it with the database utility and optimizing it often enough to clear the overhead.

I don't get why a too-full database resulted in the invocation of message_die() and not a proper database error...but who knows.

Chalk this one up to a possible latent boardware bug that can become active if your webmaster slacks off on database maintenance. :roll:

Posted: 02 Jun 2008 09:32
by Omphalos
I dont get it either. Doesnt sound right to me. Sounds like the guys at PHPbb were rolling their eyes as they explained the reason to the rubes (now watch the same thing happen to me).


Posted: 02 Jun 2008 11:54
by GamePlayer
SandChigger wrote:Chalk this one up to a possible latent boardware bug that can become active if your webmaster slacks off on database maintenance. :roll:

I'd say this is exactly what happened. If I had a dime for every forum that's actually been properly maintained, I'd be poor :)

Posted: 21 Jun 2008 19:36
by Freakzilla
Down again!

And I was just about to post something that would be quickly be deleted.


Posted: 21 Jun 2008 20:47
by Omphalos
Its up. Just slow as hell.

Posted: 21 Jun 2008 20:58
by Freakzilla
It was just another SQL or whatever error. I thought I broke it with my negativity.


Posted: 30 Jun 2008 16:31
by Nekhrun
That bullshit three warning concept and PMing system he came up with never happened. He's been pulling that shit since the beginning. I must've just missed your exit. You need to recreate it over in this thread...

Posted: 30 Jun 2008 16:54
by orald
Maybe I too need to get banned from DN.

But then I'd have to register first. :?

Posted: 30 Jun 2008 17:36
by Freakzilla
I'm on my "final warning", but to be fair, there've been lots of posts that have been deleted without any warning.

Posted: 30 Jun 2008 17:50
by Nekhrun
Yeah, and lots of final warnings for you as well IIRC. :wink:

Posted: 30 Jun 2008 22:51
by HoosierDaddy
Freakzilla wrote:I'm on my "final warning", but to be fair, there've been lots of posts that have been deleted without any warning.

"Final warning"? Like it is a privilege to post there? Or is Byron threatening not to post here anymore.


Posted: 30 Jun 2008 23:15
by SimonH
Freakzilla wrote:I'm on my "final warning", but to be fair, there've been lots of posts that have been deleted without any warning.

Byron wouldn't dare ban you unless you really pushed it.

That site would die without some intelligent posters :D

Posted: 01 Jul 2008 00:42
by SandChigger

Posted: 05 Jul 2008 15:11
by Seraphan
i have already defected from that place, i posted that comic strip from penny arcade about the new authors and it got deleted. *pff* That was it for me!

Posted: 05 Jul 2008 19:17
by SandChigger
They obviously can't see the inherent humor in what they're doing.

(I may still yet make that cartoon with the grunts and moans coming out of the open grave. :twisted: )

A very apropos quote swiped from another thread:

The basic rule is this: Never support weakness; always support strength.
The Bene Gesserit Coda

Posting on Dune Novels supports the weak (in the head?) and the mediocre.

Cut it out!