Is the so called OH movement a Stand Alone Complex?

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Is the so called OH movement a Stand Alone Complex?

Postby Seraphan » 04 Oct 2008 13:59

For me, yes.
While digging my nose around the internet i came around this particular thing.
Being a long time fan of Ghost in the Shell this obviously caught my eye.
While i read it, i couldn't help think about us and the similarities with the related case above.

Edit:, here's another of the same.

Funny how easily people get labeled as "something" terrorists, it just shows how much they fear the effect our standpoints make. Don't get me wrong, i'm not saying we're wearing the matle of rightousness, but standing with our individual and common viewpoints has a sence rightness in itself.
Ah, some much to say, but i prefer to wait for people like GamePlayer, A Thing of Eternity, Hunchback Jack, Robspiere, Omphalos, Freakzilla and all the others who's ability for dialogue i respect so much, to state their opinions and for the dialogue to begin.
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