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fuck the state!

Posted: 16 Jan 2013 21:48
by distrans
had a fat roll of bills in my pocket after cashing a particularly lucrative deals check

and with time to kill and no car
i went walking, found myself in the local outdoor malls big box book store

ended up at the checkstand with a stack of volumes
and a manager working the counter who was a real piece of corperate shill

"ya, i dont have a member card"
"yes, i know id save 34 dollars if i had one"
"no, i dont wish to get one at this time"

wouldnt take anonymous for an answer

she made three derogator comments at my demeanor
ending with "why dont you care about money?"

"tell you what lady, give me $120 dollars off and i will sign up..."

what!!??!? this isnt a negociation

"really? well then whyre you leaning on me???"

well, you obviously just dont understand that...

"understand that your only offering me 34 dollars but the information i give you, your going to resell for 10 times that much?"

thats not true!

" closer to the truth than what your selling; listen lady, i dont like what youd do with more knowledge of me..."

we dont sell your information to anyone! we would never do that!!!

"so, your board would shred its assets rather than bargain with them in its eventual bankrupcy proceeding? "

who could know about that?

"um, anyone who cares about money?"

steam came out her ears then
she regrouped with " who do you think you are???"


im the guy who walked a stack of books up to your register just to not buy anything,
and i didnt even know it till just right now

fucking animals

Re: fuck the state!

Posted: 16 Jan 2013 22:41
by SandRider
I feel ya, brotha ...

I've made more than one scene at a check-out over this bullshit ...

I've also been pissed off at the petty-ass "discounts", coupons, &etc.

you know, I'm just not going to drive my diesel-sucking dually
all the way all across town to save two fucking cents on a gallon of fuel ...

or ten cents on a can of soup ....

Re: fuck the state!

Posted: 16 Jan 2013 23:40
by distrans
on other occasions
ive literally pulled cash out of my pocket and dangled it in front of them

" its money, really money, you dont want my money?!?!!?"

their eyes half roll back in their heads,
as they try to remember the lines they were taught
in those classes they had to take
on how to enforce the owners wishes

taking the clients cash over the desk has taken a decided second to getting their ID

the people behind you in line dont know what to think!

like they even had the chance

Re: fuck the state!

Posted: 17 Jan 2013 05:19
by lotek
did someone clone SR ?

Re: fuck the state!

Posted: 17 Jan 2013 07:12
by SandRider
sort of ... the SandChigger's basement axlotl tank went on-iine
sometime between Thanxgivin & Xmas ....

Re: fuck the state!

Posted: 17 Jan 2013 08:02
by lotek
I was more afraid of a reactivation of the bed of roses.