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Chapter 10

Posted: 12 Feb 2008 17:32
by Freakzilla
What had the Lady Jessica to sustain her in her time of trial? Think you
carefully on this Bene Gesserit proverb and perhaps you will see: "Any road
followed precisely to its end leads precisely nowhere. Climb the mountain just a
little bit to test that it's a mountain. From the top of the mountain, you
cannot see the mountain."

-from "Muad'Dib: Family Commentaries" by the Princess Irulan

Jessica discovers a palm-locked door in the Arrakeen Mansion, which she picks. As she's about to enter she hears Mapes approach, she's tells Jessica that the Duke has sent men with his signet ring to bring Paul back to him. Jessica notes the way Mapes looks at the oval door with loathing but she rushes off to get Paul before she could question her about it. She enters and finds another oval door with a wheel handle, an airlock. She sees a door stop with Hawat's mark that has fallen to the floor, she uses this to prop open the outer airlock door. Beyond the inner door she finds a wet plant conservatory with filter glass to turn the Arrakeen white sun yellow. She estimates the room uses enough water for a thousand people or more. There she finds a secret message left by Lady Margot Fenring, the Bene Gesserit wife of the Emperor's proxy, Count Fenring. In it she warns of the attempt on Paul's life, his bedroom is loaded with traps, and that one of the Duke's trusted men plans treachery. Just as she starts to run to him, Paul enters and shows his mother the smashed hunter-seeker which she tells him to submerge in the fountain to short it out. Paul tells her of the warning of a traitor Mapes gave him. She shows him the secret message from Lady Fenring. Paul wants to send a message to his father but Jessica warns that as few people as possible need to know of this and he should wait to tell him in person.

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