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Chapter 29

Posted: 13 Feb 2008 17:53
by Freakzilla
In this age when the means of human transport include devices which can span the
deeps of space in transtime, and other devices which can carry men swiftly over
virtually impassable planetary surfaces, it seems odd to think of attempting
long journeys afoot. Yet this remains a primary means of travel on Arrakis, a
fact attributed partly to preference and partly to the brutal treatment which
this planet reserves for anything mechanical. In the strictures of Arrakis,
human flesh remains the most durable and reliable resource for the Hajj. Perhaps
it is the implicit awareness of this fact which makes Arrakis the ultimate
mirror of the soul.

-Handbook of the Hajj

Ghani is sneaking back to Tabr, utterly convinced that Leto is to blame and longing to see Farad'n's blood at her feet. She sees Palimbasha emerge from the seitch and notes the transmitter that controlled the tigers at his waist, he's with a young woman she doesn't recognize. Ghani makes a blow gun out of a sand snorkle and a dart from a repair kit needle dipped in crysknife poison and a wad of spice paper. With it she kills Palambash and sneaks up on the girl and captures her with her crysknife.

Re: Chapter 29

Posted: 19 Jun 2012 10:53
by Freakzilla

Re: Chapter 29

Posted: 19 Jun 2012 10:54
by Freakzilla
Did she just use Other Memory as a guide to making the blow dart? I thought her hypnotic compultion to believe Leto dead blocked her OM. :?