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Chapter 34

Posted: 13 Feb 2008 17:56
by Freakzilla
The one-eyed view of our universe says you must not look far afield for
problems. Such problems may never arrive. Instead, tend to the wolf within your
fences. The packs ranging outside may not even exist.

-The Azhar Book; Shamra I:4

Duncan enters Jessica's sitting room. She asks why he is here and hopes he realizes Farad'n will be listening. He says he's here for the same reaason she is. She wonders if he knows why she's really here, could he know of Leto and Ghani's plan? Maybe he's made a mentat computation. He accuses her of going over to House Corrino to convince Farad'n that marrying Ghani is the answer to all their problems. He says the Atreides have sank to a new low and the Duke would turn in his grave. The Fremen curse them. He says Ghani, being Fremen would never marry one who pays for protection and House Corrino having given up their entire CHOAM holdings to Paul, exists on Atreides sufferance. Farad'n would have to live on Arrakis, his Sardaukar with him. It's hard for either to imagin Fremen and Sardaukar sharing the same planet. He says he will advise Farad'n to send Jessica to Wallach and to marry Ghani only on his own terms, he does the Preacher's bidding. She realizes he's setting himself up for honorable withdrawl from Atreides service, which she accepts. As he leaves he thinks it is done and it can only be interpreted in one way.

Re: Chapter 34

Posted: 21 Jun 2012 11:14
by Freakzilla