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Chapter 40

Posted: 28 Mar 2008 21:50
by Freakzilla
O Paul, thou Muad'Dib,
Mahdi of all men,
Thy breath exhaled
Sent forth the hurricane.

-Songs of Muad'Dib

Alia and Irulan are trying to convince Ghanima to approve a betrothal to Farad'n Corrino but Ghani only wants his blood for killing her brother. She says that everyone knows this and the Fremen would spit at her name if she married him. This is exaclty what Alia wants. They try to tell her tha Duncan and Jessica are held captive on Salusa and are in danger if she refuses but Ghani doubts that whole situation. Alia secretly wishes Duncan had not taken Jessica to the Corrinos. Ghani is infurated by being treated like a child and reminds Alia of their ancestral memories. She says she will listen to their counsel instead. Ghani accuses Alia of abomination and admits she may one day succumb but until then she will pity and despise Alia. Alia and Ghani suddenly grow quiet which is very unsettling to Irulan who asks why. Irulan tries to use Voice on Ghani who just laughs at her. Finally, Ghani agrees but admits that she will kill Farad'n on their wedding night. Alia contemplates the wrath from the combined Great Houses, the loss of Atreides honor and loss of religious trust. Irulan pleads with Alia not to throw away Paul's prophethood but they ignore her and decide to go through with the plot. Alia and Irulan leave, Ghani wishes it was her the tiger had killed instead of her brother.

Re: Chapter 40

Posted: 27 Jun 2012 11:32
by Freakzilla

Re: Chapter 40

Posted: 27 Jun 2012 11:33
by Freakzilla
Isn't Ghani's Ancestral Memory supposed to be blocked by the hypnosis?