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Chapter 41

Posted: 29 Mar 2008 11:24
by Freakzilla
Many forces sought control of the Atreides twins and, when the death of Leto was
announced, this movement of plot and counterplot was amplified. Note the
relative motivations: the Sisterhood feared Alia, an adult Abomination, but
still wanted those genetic characteristics carried by the Atreides. The Church
hierarchy of Auqaf and Hajj saw only the power implicit in control of Muad'Dib's
heir. CHOAM wanted a doorway to the wealth of Dune. Farad'n and his Sardaukar
sought a return to glory for House Corrino. The Spacing Guild feared the
equation Arrakis = melange; without the spice they could not navigate. Jessica
wished to repair what her disobedience to the Bene Gesserit had created. Few
thought to ask the twins what their plans might be, until it was too late.

-The Book of Kreos

Leto is lying in his room in Jacurutu, he has learned to control his multifaceted memory lives through Harum. Namri and Gurney keep sending him back into the spice trance, unhappy with his responses. They obviously are looking for an answer outside of his visions. Finally he finds a clue in the fact that the Missionaria Protectiva knew how to manipulate and even Paul didn't escape them in the end. Realizing this, his inner lives turn outward and look out onto the universe and he finds himself back in reality in his room. He calls out and Gurney and Namri enter to test him again. Leto refuses to say what Gurney is looking to hear but he promises cooperation with the Sisterhood. Gurney and Namri decide to take him to Jessica and give him a chance to be tested by her. When they leave, he lies back and he can see the entire planet. He learns to look at any system this way, even himself. He realizes this is what the Sisterhood is looking for but he won't bring social order the way they expect. He promises his father within that they will long for the "good old days" of Paul's despotism.

Re: Chapter 41

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