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Chapter 44

Posted: 09 Jun 2008 12:04
by Freakzilla
Natural selection has been described as an environment selectively screening for
those who will have progeny. Where humans are concerned, though, this is an
extremely limiting viewpoint. Reproduction by sex tends toward experiment and
innovation. It raises many questions, including the ancient one about whether
environment is a selective agent after the variation occurs, or whether
environment plays a pre-selective role in determining the variations which it
screens. Dune did not realty answer those questions: it merely raised new
questions which Leto and the Sisterhood may attempt to answer over the next five
hundred generations.

-The Dune Catastrophe, After Harq al-Ada

Ghanima stand in the rooftop garden staring at the shield wall wondering if she will suffer the same fate as Alia. Her inner voices have become increasingly noisy and females are more susceptible to them. Jessica told her that the inner lives usually divide into groups of benign and malignant, the benign being quiet and useful while the malignant combine with the most powerful of the malignant lives in an attempt to take over the host body. The Bene Gesserit count on the mohalata, a partnership of the benign to protect them from the malignant. Irulan finds her on the roof and berates her for sneaking out alone. Ghanima tells her that in the old days Irulan would have been killed for not wearing a stillsuit in the open. Irulan informs her that Farad’n has accepted their proposal but wants a delay and is sending Duncan home. Ghanima swears she will kill Farad’n and Irulan swears she will try to stop her. Ghanima tells her that Alia plans to send Irulan South when the time comes so she won’t interfere. Irulan think Alia is bent on destroying the Atreides. Irulan hugs Ghanima and Ghanima prays that she won’t have to kill her.

Re: Chapter 44

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Re: Chapter 44

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by Freakzilla
Ghani talks about her Other Memory again, to Irulan. :?: