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Chapter 56

Posted: 24 Jul 2008 12:03
by Freakzilla
After the Fremen, all Planetologists see life as expressions of energy and look
for the overriding relationships. In small pieces, bits and parcels which grow
into general understanding, the Fremen racial wisdom is translated into a new
certainty. The thing Fremen have as a people, any people can have. They need but
develop a sense for energy relationships. They need but observe that energy
soaks up the patterns of things and builds with those patterns.

-The Arrakeen Catastrophe, After Harq al-Ada

Gurney waits outside Tuek’s Sietch to hear their council’s decision on accepting him. They were astonished to see that he had ridden his own worm there but he had seen it done many time and thought it was easy. He watches as people below try to repair a broken qanat and bring water to the neediest plants. These aren't the same smugglers he'd gone to ground with after the defeat of the Duke, they've accepted subjugation and doesn't trust them. He must use them though and encourage their distrust of Alia. He thinks that Alia will win if the Fremen don’t act. Tuek’s Sietch accepts Gurney, but he knows it’s only for a limited time. Just until he can steal one of their ‘thopters.

Re: Chapter 56

Posted: 07 Jul 2012 12:37
by Freakzilla