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Chapter 59

Posted: 24 Jul 2008 13:59
by Freakzilla
Muad'Dib was disinherited and he spoke for the disinherited of all time. He
cried out against that profound injustice which alienates the individual from
that which he was taught to believe, from that which seemed to come to him as a

-The Mahdinate, An Analysis by Harq al-Ada

Gurney sits atop the butte at Shuloch playing his baliset, thinking. The Cast Out were working below like men possessed. They'd blocked off the sand ramp that brought worms into the pan and were planing crops within. Spice production was falling and the value of stockpiles increasing. Leto had brought him and The Preacher here in Gurney’s stolen ‘thopter. Leto destroyed their qanat and had decapated and thrown about those who tried to stop him. Now they pray to him as Shai-Hulud personified, Gurney could imagine that soon the rest of the universe will do the same and he’s not sure he likes that idea. Leto ordered them to rebuild the qanat and make a garden oasis home for him. He also ordered them to sell no more spice but save every bit of it. His list of orders went on and on and they listened to every word. He had ordered Gurney to guard The Preacher. Gurney worried that he has not completed Jessica’s test for Leto but The Preacher insisted he has already passed it and maybe it is Gurney who Jessica tests. Gurney no longer had any doubt that this is Paul. The Fremen had pressed around The Preacher demanding to know if he is Muad’dib but Paul insisted they think of him only as The Preacher. Leto roared for them to stand aside, flinging them aside, grabbing knives by the blade. Leto warned that Farad’n will arrive soon, then the real test will begin.

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