Lynch's Dune Blu-Ray

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Lynch's Dune Blu-Ray

Postby nistle2 » 12 May 2011 18:07

Watched the Blu-Ray of Dune over the weekend, if you haven't seen that version it looks amazingly better than the standard. Like an entirely different movie. I've always enjoyed the film a lot even with the story changes and everything, but the set design really pops out in 1080p. I recommend it if you haven't seen it is what I'm saying to the sietch.

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Re: Lynch's Dune Blu-Ray

Postby PaxVass » 16 May 2011 08:48

I bought the german blu-ray which has the English sound track and was very impressed by the transfer and sound. The bad bits still look bad - particularly the "drawings" of the guild ships appearing over Dune (amazingly bad considering the money spent on the film) but the good bits look even better particularly the sets at Geidi Prime and the Imperial court. Well worth a buy if you can stand the film which I can even though it has its problems.

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Re: Lynch's Dune Blu-Ray

Postby Sand Orphan » 18 May 2011 23:33

I really enjoyed the blu ray. It was like a whole other experience in itself. The production details of this film were not done any justice with VHS and or DVD. 1080P is the only way that you can really notice certain things like the details of the stillsuit or the hunter seeker. The downside to this is that the crappy parts now look crappier.

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Re: Lynch's Dune Blu-Ray

Postby SandChigger » 19 May 2011 00:34

Sand Orphan wrote:the crappy parts now look crappier.

That happens to a lot of things with age. ;)

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Re: Lynch's Dune Blu-Ray

Postby pardot » 08 Jan 2012 01:28

Good deleted scenes too, for those of us who could never stomach sitting through the Smithee version to see them!

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Re: Lynch's Dune Blu-Ray

Postby SandRider » 17 Oct 2012 23:59

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Re: Lynch's Dune Blu-Ray

Postby lotek » 18 Oct 2012 05:15

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