Jodorowsky's Dune

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Re: on bad spelling.

Postby A Thing of Eternity » 24 Sep 2008 12:17

Rakis wrote:
Sole Man wrote:Besides, its knid of my thing.

I'd be worried if you stopped doing it... :shock:

I'd wonder who killed you and assumed your identity...

Sole Man

on the above comment

Postby Sole Man » 24 Sep 2008 14:37

Bourne. Jason Bourne.

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Re: on the above comment

Postby Rakis » 24 Sep 2008 22:39

Sole Man wrote:Bourne. Jason Bourne.

So, you remember... :lol:

Sole Man

on these people

Postby Sole Man » 25 Sep 2008 14:42

I remeber nothing! Nothing, do you hear me?! It was all a lie, none of it really happened. Chig was dead, how could he have dont it? You're lying, all of you!

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Postby Serkanner » 25 Sep 2008 14:50

"I know nothing ..... I know noooothing ... I'm from Barcelona"
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